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Telephone: 01372 844586
Mobile: 07976 728442
"Maggie's unique artistic style has allowed her to create a wide range
of beautiful designs"
"We love - Dog design tiles."
"Scrummy looking cupcakes, beautiful beach huts and tall birds with skinny legs are just some of the delicate designs"
"If you're looking for something a bit different for your kitchen or bathroom, make sure you check out Maggie Mumford's hand-painted tiles"

"Tile-wagging in her ready-to-buy range, the designer Maggie Mumford hand-paints dogs and garden and seaside motifs"

"We love the handpainted tiles in Maggie Mumford's 'Completely Barking' collection"
"Find puppy love with these limited edition tiles..."
"...designing a picturesque panel that will tie in with a room's decorative theme..."
"Dog lovers will enjoy Maggie Mumford's hand-painted tiles, which feature seven different whimsical hounds..."
"Maggie Mumford began painting tiles many years ago, and now offers hand-decorated tiles in beautiful colours and glazes."
"Maggie Mumford has been designing beautiful tiles for more than 18 years..."
"Originally specialising in bespoke pieces, her range of products now also includes limited-edition hand-decorated tiles..."
"Tile maker Maggie Mumford has hand-decorated heart designs in her 'Can't Wait?' tile collection..."